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Food for Thought

One thing we are passionate about here is our food. We believe good health begins with what we eat. Doesn't everybody? Apparently this concept is not widely practiced these days. No matter how/what you eat, we believe it's important to source food in the most natural form available. This means eating less of processed products and more of foods that are grown responsibly without the use of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic chemicals. Many foods today are nutrient deficient which leads to nutrient deficient people and poor health. When Ty suffered his last concussion in our 2020 auto accident, it was suggested that he try a keto style way of eating. He had already given up gluten a few years back due to some gastrointestinal issues that landed him in the ER. Over the course of a few years, Ty changed his eating habits from eating a whole package of store bought cookies with milk in one sitting to cutting out all refined sugars and flours and focusing on whole foods such as grass-fed meats, dairy, vegetables and healthy fats. Finding quality food has been a huge part of what has brought us here. We appreciate food that is grown responsibly without a lot of outside inputs. We use natural fertilizers aka "barnyard waste". The natural, regenerative farming community is growing. We want quality food to become abundant to people of all socioeconomic situations. It has been said, "let food be thy medicine" and we wholeheartedly believe this!

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