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Methods or Madness?

Updated: May 2, 2022

Getting up at 5 am to help move chickens everyday is now my new normal. Ty and I have never been the conventional types. We said our vows 33 years ago today when we were both 18. I was in my last days of high school, he was in the Marine Corp reserves and working for a local cable TV company. We started out unconventional which seems to have become our course throughout our years together. This is still true as the things we are implementing here on our farm may seem like madness to a person well versed in conventional agriculture. We avoid chemicals, we rotate our animals daily and we are learning about natural, holistic farming methods from eras past. Ty is reading a book written in the early 1940's. Here is a quote, "One hears a lot about the rules of husbandry; there is only one--leave the land far better than you found it. In the soil lies all that remains of the work of countless generations of the dead. We hold this sacred trust, to maintain the fertility and pass it on unimpaired to the unborn generations to come." This has become our goal. Some days it feels like we have gone mad, yet it’s so satisfying to see the positive results coming to fruition. In December of 2020, we were in an accident where we rolled down an embankment. We walked away without any major injuries. Ty, however, suffered a concussion and still endures the effects through symptoms such as headaches and brain fog. We both realized how short and fragile life is and decided then that we should move on the next phase in our journey together. A leap of faith has landed us here, doing what feels right to us, learning a new way of life, loving the uncertainty of it all and embracing the way forward. We feel led here. God has always been at our side moving us along. What lies ahead, He alone knows. :)

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