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Raw Goat Milk?

As promised, I will present you with information on the health benefits of raw goat milk. Before I get into the nutritional aspects, I will tell you how we got into goats. Ty and I have been striving to live a self sufficient lifestyle. We started with chickens which led to meat rabbits which led to meat sheep, then pasture pigs. We got used to going to our freezer for meat and our garden for vegetables, yet we were still needing to get dairy from the store. Ty purchased some pregnant dairy cows this last year thinking they would fill our dairy void. The last 2 years of lambing have led to more ewes born than rams. We picked up some extra bottle lambs to raise for meat while raising the ewes for breeding. We were purchasing formula from the local feed stores, yet the stores kept running out. The solution was goats! We purchased our first 2 Nigerian Dwarfs to milk in order to keep the bottle lambs fed. We

now have a total of 9 goats in milk. We decided that working with dairy goats is a better fit for us than dairy cows. In the meantime, I did a little research on goat milk. It turns out goat milk contains more vitamin A, zinc, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, and oligosaccharides than cows milk. It contains less lactose and enhances iron and copper absorption. Raw goat milk helps treat conditions like iron deficiency, magnesium deficiency, malabsorption issues, anemia, and osteoporosis. It also improves skin quality! Well there you have it! Drink raw goat milk for better health!

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