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Getting Personal

Opinions and criticisms are abundant when you are starting something new. I guess you need to be like a duck...water off the back, or something like that? The other day, we had someone point blank tell us, "most farms fail within the first year". Thanks for your vote of confidence friend...We've heard similar things said as we are here getting started, some are helpful, others not so much. 33 years ago, we heard the same kinds of criticism. We were both 18 when we said our vows...four kids, six grandkids (7th coming soon) and years of life experience later, we are still here against the odds! Let the criticisms come, it becomes our motivation to push on. Each day I am thankful that I still have a roof over my head, I am healthy and have good food to eat. This is a new chapter for us, yet we have been prepping for this for more than a few years now. Researching, buying breeding stock, following the pioneers of the regenerative farming community, practicing new principles through trial and error, we feel ready for this next step. We appreciate the support, even the criticisms, good and bad. Keep them coming! Today I have a roof over my head and good food to eat, I am grateful. :)

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