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The Transformation of the Mobile Chicken Tractor

We salvaged a carport skeleton from Ty's mom. We thought it might prove to be useful here in Fruitland. My oldest two grandsons helped disassemble the structure back in California and it was reassembled 657 miles and one week later. Watching a YouTube video gave us the idea of using it as a mobile chicken enclosure. Of course, my idea of using it was to add a tarp for the roof and wire to the sides and be done. We have a term here called "Ty built". The meaning of this is that for every one screw needed, Ty will use three. Turns out this structure is very reinforced or "Ty built". Ty's friend Matt and his son were here and helped with the design and build of the mansion, bus, ship, tractor structure. So far the chickens seem to like it. The idea is to drag it to a new section of pasture every morning so the girls get new grass and leave their fertilizer behind them. Its really a win win for both them and us. Saturday, we will open them up and let them free range within a fenced area. Well this chicken structure ended up costing us more than we had originally planned, but we are happy with the results. If you feel so inclined and want to contribute to our efforts we have a Give Send Go account where your donations are tax deductable. :)

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