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Working together...

Some days just start out bad...Ty is recently retired and focused on the farm right now. We are about to celebrate our 33rd year of life together, and for some reason I keep thinking about the reality show the Amazing Race. We used to watch it when we had regular TV. The stronger teams would work together, others would fail. Often times, it was because they could not communicate well. Sometimes it happened that one of the team members would be less competent than the other one. The dominant member would often carry the other one through the challenges, yet there had to be some patience and maybe some extra encouragement involved in order to pull though and finish strong. It was not always so much about skill and competence as it was about communication and grace. We are learning this new way of life. We are learning to work together. We are working to understand each others strengths and weaknesses and finding room to adjust old routines to new ones. We pray often and are taking one day at a time. :)

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